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четверг, 16 февраля 2012 г.

Свидетельство о браке

Очень интересно выслушать и ваше мнение, читатели, о том, что вы думате по поводу того, что Корейские клиники запрашивают свидетельство о браке для тех пар, которые приезжают на ЭКО?
Цитата: "What do you think about the policy of Korean hospitals requesting to preapare certificate of marriage before Russians come for IVF? Do you think it is bothering Russians about the seemingly unnecessay paper work for everyday life? Because the culture is different between the countries, is it offending them to request it? (Large number of couples do live together without getting married in Europe.) What would be the response of Russians? Is it a complex procedure? Are many people reluctant to do that kind of precessing? Once they do, does the processing affect the tax benefit for Russians?
Do you think some social issue or problem can happen if they do not process that? " 

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  1. If you asked me the same question about the importance of the marriage certificate several months ago, I would definitely said it was not that useful.
    Now, I have a different point of view.
    Recently I received an email from a Russian lady, who told me a story about her life with 3 kids and a husband who went to Korea for IVF with his "lover". At that time, it was already a rule made for Russians : come with a certificate. The husband and his 'girlfriend' went via some agency, that, indeed has agreed to use a "fake marriage certificate".
    In my opinion, the document that confirms the relations of two persons to be legal is the the one of use. It even might be a notarial document that says that both are single. I personally do not accept the desire to undergo IVF with someone's husband/wife.
    Russian culture is very complicated - more freedom people get, more chaos will be received.
    I'd leave it as it is to keep hospitals safe from additional troubles.
    We, foreigners, come to Korea, and it's a life experience of culture, traditions, people, and of course, medicine. We should follow the Korean rules, same as Koreans follow other countries' rules when going on a trip.

    * Some exceptions can be made for the couples who have no time (according to the IVF planning) for signing. In that case, the writing explanation (for further legal security) must be performed or guaranteed by the business structure that supports international patients.