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воскресенье, 26 февраля 2012 г.

Would you, please, let me know if any additional procedures such as pICSI, MCOME can be applied at the hospitals for improving the success rate of the IVF.

The reason I am asking is because one of our patient went though several IVF trials considering the unexplained female or male infertility reasons. Male: Volume, Concentration, Motility and Morphology factors are WNL. however, the additional Electronic-Microscopic ejaculate research at the University of Moscow revealed the anomaly in the forms of a sperm nucleus (72 abnormal out of 84) and 42 out of 84 mature chromoplasm. . Can it be considered as a reason of a Male infertility? If it is so, is there MCOME, pICSI, etc. technology can be applied for the above patient.

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  1. I visited the research lab of X hospital in Seoul, where I was informed that no other methods but ICSI are being used. The factor on economical effectiveness was the main reason.
    pISCI, same as Hatching, "Plastics" or "Glue" are being used at other hospitals in Seoul. Of course, it is a philosophical question of "To be or not to be " . I particular can not even think of a research method to identify the effect of the procedures above as separate factors. Please, let me know if there is additional info on that.

  2. Martin "MSOME (IMSI) in general gives a PR about 10-15% higher than normal ICSI (i.e. 40% as opposed to 30% over a year). This appears to be due to the elimination of sperm that are apparently normal with 40x optics but present defects under 100x magnification:

    Wilding M, Coppola G, di Matteo L, Palagiano A, Fusco E, Dale B.Intracytoplasmic injection of morphologically selected spermatozoa (IMSI) improves outcome after assisted reproduction by deselecting physiologically poor quality spermatozoa. J Assist Reprod Genet. 2011 Mar;28(3):253-62. Epub 2010 Nov 12.

    pICSI gives PR a little higher than ICSI (about 5%) but we are in the early stages here since we perform it routinely for less than a year in Zürich.

    Hope to have been of use."